Monday, October 15, 2012

Pinterest - what works and what... doesn't?

Pinterest – what works and what …. Doesn’t?
What works:
Shredded chicken boil your chicken and then throw it in the Kitchenaid mixer and there you go, perfectly shredded chicken for all your yummy chicken dishes.

Shelf instead of headboard – my lovely husband saw this picture….

And then made this… (not going to lie, I kind of like ours even more!)
                                                     (The shelf is decorated now )
Crown molding added to bathroom mirror
One year anniversary picture within a picture– works pretty well, well… unless there’s weird hairy European men in Speedos in Spain and shadows and squinting, etc.  But ours didn’t turn out soo bad, right?

Buffalo Chicken Wraps – Yum! These are yummy.  Be sure to spray pam all over them, if you miss a spot – it’s not good.
Green Onions growing in a glass – it works!!! They’ll keep on growing!!  Just put them in a glass of water.  This was after just a few days.

What does NOT work:
“cookie dough” from chick peas – rumor has it that stuff is awful!!
Tissue paper coaster something – note to self, don’t EVER try to put tissue paper through your printer.  It will end with you and your husband taking apart your entire printer and then the printer never working quite right again.
Chalkboard stuff – all the cute chalkboard stuff would be really cute,  if everyone in the world had cute handwriting.. Guess what, we don’t.
Foil for bacon grease -  This kind of works.. You have to let it cool some before putting it in there otherwise it goes through the foil.  By the time I let it “cool” it’s 3 hours later and I’m stuck with the hard mess of bacon grease.
What about you?  What works and what… doesn’t?

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