Tuesday, October 30, 2012

15 weeks - orange

15 weeks - Orange

I've gained 6 pounds so far, and am still feeling great!  This weekend in between our house guests, we cleaned out the whole garage, it's all ready for the camaro!! Yay!!  Remember this thing?  We also did another headboard for the guest room!! Can't wait to decorate it!  Will blog it soon.  But for now, it's on the what works and what doesn't from pinterest.

Yesterday was a doctor's appointment and everything is going as planned!  Baby Ball is measuring correctly and got to hear the heartbeat, which is always SO fun.  Heartbeat is 145, last time it was 162.  They said it all depends on eating/activity/etc.

I was very honest with my doctor about doing Crossfit and guess what! She was totally okay with all of it!  I told her that I follow www.crossfitmom.com and look at the different trimesters and scales.  I said I know it's not my doctor though and so I really wanted to make sure she was okay with it all. After all the sweet ladies at work told me all about how I shouldn't be reaching above my head (and I've been doing thrusters in Fran, pullups, push press, etc) I thought I should ask.

Dave and I got to go with our realtor to a wounded warriors function for www.helpingahero.org It was awesome!! President George W. Bush was the speaker and Dennis Miller, the comedian, was the MC.  I was very proud to be an American and Dave looked so good  in his dress blues!  I wore heels that night and we hardly got served any more water once the presentation began, so I woke up in the middle of the night almost in tears due to the leg cramps I was having.  In case you're wondering, water and bananas aren't the only thing you need, calcium is pretty important too.  My doc said  to just take some tums and I should feel better. That helped!  And... I have to forego the heels :( such a bummer, but beauty is not worth those leg cramps..ever again.  Can't wait to see the cute new flats that are coming in tomorrow!

We also had awesome friends, Ben and Laura, come into town last weekend.  They have two really cute kids who are so well behaved!  It's amazing what routine can do for some cute kids, they were angels!  She also has her own blog, www.ourfullplate.com which is full of healthy eating, working mom, cute stuff.  I can't wait to try some of her recipes!  They brought us this super cute little Sophie chew toy.  I'm obviously not a mom yet, since I had no clue that it was the "best new thing".  But it's all BPA, etc. free.

Can't wait to meet this cute baby so it can start chewing on Sophie! :)
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