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17 weeks - onion - Crossfit and pregnant

17 weeks - Onion!

How cute are Buddy and Callie? I'll think they're interested in me, but really it's the onion.
First and foremost - I am not a doctor and don't claim to be.  I got out of school wayyyy before getting there! :)  I'm just saying what has worked for me while doing Crossfit while pregnant.

When I found out I was pregnant I searched the internet for all Crossfit blogs about how to be pregnant and crossfit.  I found the awesome website www.crossfitmom.com that tells you what you should do during your first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester.  It also showed these movements and how to substitute them. This helped me tremendously, but what I didn't find was every movement and how real women were working on each thing. 

Luckily, my awesome coach at Crossfit Caveman had just crossfitted (is that a word?) through her pregnancy. I knew there were a couple other people who were pregnant there too, but I didn't want everyone to know I was pregnant.

By looking at the Crossfit mom website I found out that for my first trimester I was probably good.  I told the coaches so they didn't push me too hard. 

The "What to Expect When You're Expecting" Book says that your baby LIKES the change in heart rate and breathing and it emphasizes getting 30 minutes of exercise most days.  Although the whole time I try to maintain a normal heartrate/breathing. Kind of difficult while working out though.  I always make sure I can talk.

Take note that I started Crossfit in January and I got pregnant in July, so I had 6 months of Crossfit beforehand.  I started as a skinny weak girl, so I wasn't RX'ing every movement pre-pregnancy.  I talked about starting crossfit here.

Here's what I have done so far - this doesn't mean it works for everyone!:

First Trimester:
  • I felt very weak and tired (no sickness) just pure exhaustion.  So I lowered the weight/intensity on everything.
  • Continued to do all movements though.
  • Took breaks to keep heart rate from getting too high.
Second Trimester (so far) at 17 weeks:
  • Took breaks to keep heart rate from getting too high. Made sure I can talk during the WOD
  • don't squat below 90 degrees (takes a lot to get used to)
  • burpees - still do them, just much more controlled
  • box jumps - do step ups instead
  • broad jumps - I will sub those out, they're probably "too jumpy"
  • Deadlifts - oddly enough, these feel very difficult because of the "but down, chest up", so I've been subbing them out for something such as KettleBell swings
  • double unders - my double unders are UGLY, and my doctor said not to do anything "too jumpy" so I've done singles instead because they're more controlled and efficient
  • farmer carry - less weight or whatever is comfortable
  • front squat - without being able to squat below 90 my form is awful on the front squat, so I've used a Kettlebell (goblet squat) and just don't squat the whole way
  • goblet squats - do them, just not full depth
  • handstand pushups - Can't do anything upside down (and I hate it/can't do them anyway), so I do seated dumbell push press
  • KettleBell Swings - I had been doing 35 pounds, now I do 25 pounds.
  • Lunges - still feel good, but I've heard these will get difficult
  • overhead squats - attempt with less weight and not full depth
  • power clean - do from hang position
  • prowler push - I don't do this anymore, there's no way to keep your heart rate down during that
  • Pullups - I could do a few kipping pullups pre-pregnancy, I then moved to purple band, then red band, and now I'm at blue band. 
  • push press/shoulder press - still do, just less weight (about 75%) - which is 35/45 pounds rather than 55.. like I said, skinny weak girl to start :)
  • pushups - still comfortable for me, recently switched to knees
  • ring dips - maintained current band
  • row - still do, just not for time
  • run - still do, just no sprinting
  • situps - the scale is knees to elbows, but I hate those so I'm doing russian twists
  • slam ball - still do full depth, just slower and only 10 pounds
  • snatches - attempt with less weight, hang position
  • sumo deadlift high pull - use kettlebell and don't go full depth
  • supermans - I do them on the GHD (and I actually do about 20 at the end of each class to strengthen my back)
  • toes to bar - still attempting to do them, I can do a few in a row
  • wall balls - still do, just not full squat
  • wall climbs - nothing inverted (and let's be honest.. I hate being upside down), so I've done what looks like a backward inchworm
So - what did I forget? I hope this helps somebody who is newly pregnant and I'll continue to update with what I've changed through pregnancy!

At the end of each workout I've done a bunch of pullups because we're doing a 1000 pullup challenge for November and the GHD supermans.

Our coaches and my husband have been WONDERFUL and very supportive the entire time.  They make alternate WODs for workouts that involve all sprinting or rows for time or the team WOD of dodgeball....

As far as what we've been up to this week?  We chose baby names, yay!  We find out next week if it's a boy or a girl and now that we know the names I'm super excited for either!

Dave was at deer camp with the boys so I hung out with the girls.  We went and watched the A&M (woohoo they beat Alabama!) and a guy at the bar tried to buy us all shots.. thank goodness I had an excuse this time ;)!

While the hubby was away.. I.. painted..and painted..and painted!  The nursery is coming along!  I made the mistake and sent a pic of the paint to the boys.. they flipped.  After they researched it all, they told me I was good and I was back to painting!  I wore gloves, opened the windows, used latex paint, and turned on the fan! I was good to go!  Remember here when we started the wainscoting? 

The room all prepped and ready for paint.

                                                           Here it's almost painted.
We still need to the doors and trim around the doors.  And I'm trying to pick the perfect gray color.. we'll see!

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