Tuesday, April 23, 2013

40 Weeks - Jackfruit

Well.. it's my due date, and there's no baby!

We had a doctor's appointment today to see if we needed to induce and of course he's perfectly happy and comfy in there.  He scored an 8 out of 8, he's active, practicing breathing, and plenty of fluid.  So... we'll induce next Tuesday if I haven't had him yet.

Luckily, step 1 of "inducing" is already done.  I'm 3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and he's still head down.  That makes that easier.

I've tried everything to have him come out and nothing is working.  We walked 4 miles, ate pineapple, ate spicy food, ate Italian, rolled on the birthing ball, etc, etc and nothing works.  Darn. Either way, by next Tuesday he'll be on his way!

Last weekend my sister in law came into town and we had so much fun with her!

We enjoyed some yummy Mexican food

and enjoyed a gorgeous day on the patio.

I "pinned" this last week,

and Dave got wood from a dumpster and came home and made this...

looks pretty good!!

I also spent yesterday making lots of freezer meals!  Lasagna, spaghetti sauce, and chicken spaghetti.. We're ready James.. please come out soon!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

39 Weeks - Watermelon

I can't believe, once again, how far along in the pregnancy I am!  And a WATERMELON? No pregnant woman wants to think about her baby being the size of a watermelon, and labor... oh well.

I think this was bigger than he is, I hope.  I couldn't really hold it with one hand.

So, my doctor who doesn't think I'll go past my due date now has me set up for an ultrasound at 40 weeks to check how baby is doing.  After that she'll induce if he's not doing well or she'll wait until 41 weeks to induce.  I don't like the sound of inducing labor, but I also don't like the sound of still being pregnant in a few weeks!  So, I hope he makes an entrance soon!

This week's appointment said 2.5 cm dilated, 70% effaced, and -1, all of those things are a step in the right direction!

Last week was hard because it was my last week as a teacher for a very long time.  I feel blessed to be able to stay home with him, but right now it just seems odd to not be working and not have a baby here.  It's making the time go by rather slowly!  I will very much miss teaching and who knows, maybe I'll go back to it someday.  We'll see!

I left a wonderful school and really my dream job, they were SO sweet when I left.

Check out the TV monitor!

And look at all the ADORABLE little boy clothes they gave me.  They had given me tons of newborn clothes, so I kept some of them but exchanged for bigger sizes.  If little James is like me then he may never wear newborn clothes.. we'll see!

I think he'll be a preppy boy just like his dad :)

Last night we had another "last date night" at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, El Tiempo, and of course - forgot to take a pic - oops!

Dave also hung some curtains, doesn't it look better?!



And I got the privilege of watching our friend's twin boys.. don't the dogs look ready for babies?!?

With not working I have lots more energy and so I've gotten some great workouts in over the last few days.  My doctor still says it's okay, so I'll keep doing it!  I've gained 34 pounds which is still within the suggested 25-35 pounds or 30-40 for underweight..  so 34 at 39 weeks is perfect for me!
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

38 Weeks - Pumpkin

38 Weeks - Pumpkin (this was supposed to be posted on Tuesday - oops!!)

I feel like a pumpkin, I feel round and HUGE.  I know I said that last week, but

It's 2 weeks until my due date and my doctor says that I'm not going past it, so
I'll probably have him this week or next.  Hmm.. we could have a baby this
week?!  That's crazy!!

Yesterday at the doc appt I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced.  That's progress!
 Today I was a little bit nauseous which is a sign of labor, but that's probably
just in my head.  My Braxton Hicks are about 10-15 minutes apart and she said if
they get to every 5-7 minutes then I need to come in..sooo, we'll see!!  Knowing
my luck, I'll probably still be saying all of this in 3 weeks.

My last day of work is Thursday and that's very bittersweet. I'm SO excited to
have a baby, but very sad to be leaving work.  I want to stay home with baby but
not teaching will be a huge adjustment.

This last week Dave finished the bookshelf, it looks so good!

We have dinners every night this week with different people as last dinner
before baby.  We also had a date night last night before baby.  I had sushi,
can't wait until it's not imitation crab anymore!

(I feel enormous!! but.. that dress is pre-pregnancy!! woohoo!)
Also, one of my very best friends, Emily, and I have gone crazy and we've
decided to run a marathon, not a half marathon, but a FULL MARATHON in a year.
 That will give me the time to recover from delivery, do couch to 5k so I can
run 3 miles (I hope it doesn't take that long, but we'll see), then train for a
half marathon in the fall, and... a FULL marathon in April.  We're thinking of
doing it close to our home town so that family and friends can cheer us on.  I
guarantee this will be checked off the bucket list only ONCE.  So I better make
it count.

We ran the Disney half a year ago and it was so fun!  We have a goal of a half
marathon a year so we can see each other when we live on opposite sides of the
country and to keep our butt's in shape!  I hope little James is ready for some
time outside in that stroller!!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

37 Weeks - WinterMelon

37 weeks - full term baby!!

Please excuse the picture, it was taken first thing this morning and I look like I just woke up.. UGH!!

I had a doc appointment yesterday and baby is doing great!  I'm 2cm dilated and still 50% effaced.  When I asked what her predictions were she said she really doubted that I'd go past my due date.  But.. he can do whatever he wants!!

I definitely feel pregnant!  Not to complain but... achy hips, cramps, EXHAUSTED!!

I'm due in 3 weeks and my last day of work is next Thursday, unbelievable.  My sub started yesterday so I'm teaching my classes and teaching him.  It's exhausting, but definitely worth it!!

He's also started hiccuping the last couple weeks which is so cute..annoying.. I mean cute.

Last week we had baby classes, can you believe my husband has never changed a diaper??  I've babysat a million kids and worked in an infant room of a daycare, but I've never bathed a brand new baby or decided when it's an emergency or not, so we had fun.

My in-laws were in town last week too and somehow we decided to take out the infamous throwing knives (remember when I creeped on Dave and posted a pic of him on facebook for everyone to see him being a nerd?) well... now there are pics of me.. 9 months pregnant.. throwing knives... oh dang.

Dave has also been busy on a bookcase for all the awesome books we've gotten from baby showers!

And once again I'm overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.  My coworkers had a baby shower and got the little guy a swing, I've heard that will be a lifesaver!

I'm up 31 pounds which is one pound from last week, so I'm hoping to stay in the 25-35 pounds! WOOHOO!

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