Friday, August 30, 2013

4 Months - James

James is 4 months!  At the doctor today I saw a 3 week old and at a dinner last night saw a 6 week old and they look SO little.  Everyone said "they grow up so fast" and it's so true!

Here's what's new since his 3 month update:
  • He now puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.  The doctor said that doesn't necessarily mean he's teething, he just loves putting things in there.
  • He loves his reflection in the mirror and gets really excited to play with the baby in the mirror.
  • He reaches for everything!
  • We turned him around in the Baby Bjorn and took him out of his carseat for walks in the stroller.
  • We'll start on rice cereal, he's in the 79% for height, 27% weight, 21% head.. he's a tall skinny boy!!  He's wearing 9 month clothes.
  • He's figuring out the different toys, jumperoo, etc.

I did a silly thing, I took James to the doctor because he had woken up from his naps crying.  I know that sounds crazy to take him to the doctor for, but the boy NEVER cries.  So when he was fussy I took him in since it was almost the weekend.  End of the story is there was nothing wrong, I guess he was just unhappy for a couple days.

I think the nurses thought I was crazy.  He was so happy there!

This past week, Dave's parents were in town.  I think James enjoyed
getting spoiled and staying up late :)
Hanging out with grandpa
hanging out with grandma

And now for the pictures..

Helping dad in his workshop.
Smiling for grandma Schatzi.
Big boy in the stroller

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Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23 - Postpartum CrossFit, James - 3 1/2 months

August 23, 2013

We've had a busy last couple weeks!  Dave came home from his 2 weeks of National Guard training - yay!  The poor guy lost 11 pounds while away, he was busy!!! All while James and I had been home relaxing and going to the pool and hanging out with friends.

I've been training for a half marathon now and a coaches competition for CrossFit.  I'm SORE all the time now, but it's good for me!

I talked a lot about CrossFit during pregnancy, and now postpartum is good.  Some things are easy and some things are very difficult!

Difficult - all the things I didn't do while pregnant:

  • squats at full depth
  • burpees
  • pullups
  • situps

Easy - well, not easy, but getting better

  • running is actually going well
  • overhead presses are getting better
It's all fun though, I'm definitely enjoying getting back into it!!

Goals for the next couple months:
  • use smaller bands for strict pullups, get a kipping pullup
  • use 14# med ball
  • use 15# slam ball
  • use 35# kettlebell
Now for the cute pictures of James :)  I could post a million every day..

He LOVES books, loves those pictures!

Naked chubby babies are the cutest!!

Mizzou onesie for Uncle Jason and Aunt Erin!

We're trying this thing out, he's learning it...

Thanks, Sarah, for the cute mustache pacifier - little old man :)

He's such a thumb sucker!

Everyone is learning how to play together.

We keep trying the pool, but by the time we get out of the house it's nap time again!

He loves the rattles on his bouncy seat.  And do you like his "daddy proof shirt"?  Thanks, grandma!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

3 months!

My grandma always tells me that 3 months is so fun and they grow up over night.

It's SO true!!

I feel like I need to write this down before I forget!

Here's what James is up to at 3 months:
  • He smiles constantly, and flirts now too.
  • He can lift his butt up now, instead of just his head!

  • He has a grip on everything now, and soaked the whole bathroom.  It was funny.

  • He LOVES his feet.  He really likes his right foot and is starting to find his left foot too.

  • He has started to figure out he has a tongue and sticks it out.
  • He can yell, and likes to yell just to hear himself.
  • He can now see/focus on colors. It's like his whole world is new now, and he looks at everything!
  • He has rolled over a couple times, but mainly just likes to lay on his side.  He's pretty content stopping there.
  • He sleeps 12-13 hours EVERY night, and many times I have to wake him up in the morning.
  • He just moved to eating every 4 hours, and takes 3 naps a day, morning, mid-day, and an evening "cat nap".
  • He cries sometimes when you walk away (which I secretly love that he wants us there all the time!)
  • He can lift his head up for long periods of time!

Such a fun age!!
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