Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5 weeks

This blog is like a journal for us, so I want to remember all of this! My mom said she knew the next day she was pregnant, and although that didn't happen for me, it was pretty darn close to that.  What did I feel? Tired, cranky, crampy, on cloud 9.  I kept apologizing to Dave for being cranky and he just kept saying "boy or girl"?

How did we find out? I got off a plane in Wisconsin to see 25 of my family members and I said Dave, please stop at walgreens, I need a test.  We saw the faintest line and knew it was true.  I ran into the lodge and told my parents and sister. I spent the rest of the vacation trying to not seem distracted and to keep my secret in. So far, they all still don't know!

Soo.. Today is August 14. I'm just under 5 weeks along.

How far along?  Just under 5 weeks :)
Total weight gain/loss?  Starting weight -120 pounds.
Maternity clothes?  No 
Stretch marks? No
Sleep?  Thank goodness I have the month of August off, I'm exhausted!
Best moment last week? Seeing a positive test!
Movement?  Of course this thing is smaller than an apple seed right now, but I feel lots of cramping. I guess it's my uterus expanding and stuff attaching to walls.
Food cravings?  Opposite of cravings, not much sounds good because I get full so fast! Ive read that your digestion slows down to pull in nutrients, I'm going to have to learn to eat slower.
Labor signs?
Belly button in/out?
What I miss: A good glass of red wine with dinner!
What I am looking forward to: My doc appointment August 30, telling everyone this secret!!

Can't wait to post this!
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