Tuesday, October 16, 2012

7 Weeks

Tuesday, September 4 - 7 weeks

This weekend was soo wonderful!  We got to tell the immediate family our big news!  Everyone was thrilled and we are so happy!  We gave them each pictures that said "the best parents get promoted to grandparents".  Since Dave's parents are already grandparents it took them a minute to figure out they were going to be grandparents again!  Fun news.

Nausea?  I've started feeling an itty bitty bit nauseous, but it's really nothing.  If I don't eat something then I feel like something is off but it's not really nausea.  So, I eat something and it goes away.  Pretty lucky if you ask me!!

Cravings? Um, brisket smelled awful when it was cooking and the thought of it was terrible.  I hope that doesn't happen again!

Weight?  Still hasn't changed.

Looking forward to?  I'm really looking forward to being past the first trimester so these fears of loss can go away.  And then, everyone can know the exciting stuff!

Oh, and here's a fun little picture taken this weekend :)  oh yeah, and one of my crazy husband.
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