Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 weeks - green olive

9 weeks - Tuesday, September 18, 2013

(and yes, I have a lululemon obsession - I need an intervention)
Little Baby Ball is the size of a green olive now! Check out the picture! As long as I can find the fruit/veggie then we're taking our pictures that way!

Weight gain?  I think maybe 1 pound.  That's today, we'll see if it sticks!

Good news?!  I have more energy!! The constant need to nap has gone away some, and I've had more energy over the past week.  This past weekend we had a girlfriend's bachelorette party and a couple girls and I cooked for all 16 people.  So after grocery shopping, cooking, and then having a weekend with girls, I was pretty tired by Monday.  Check out the cute girls - how adorable are they?!

Luckily, I have the best husband ever who made dinner so that I could relax!

On side news, I now have an aversion to cooked meat.  It started over labor day when I couldn't stand the smell of a brisket at my mother-in-laws house.  I thought it was because we had just had brisket, but I guess not.  This weekend I cooked pulled pork at our house and then we put it in the car for the hour drive to the bachelorette party, I was nauseous (for one of the first times) because of the smell.  I was able to eat a little bit that night, but definitely none for leftovers.   I really hope this goes away, because I'm definitely not a vegetarian!!!

I'm starting to look at cribs, any ideas?  Do you go for the adorable Pottery Barn ones on Craig's List or a cheaper one new?  I'm waiting for the Baby Bargains book to arrive, I'm hoping it has some pointers!!
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