Tuesday, October 16, 2012

8 Weeks - What about Crossfit?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today marks 8 weeks!  Baby Ball is the size of a RASPBERRY! (why is it always fruit?) This coming weekend I have a bachelorette party for a great friend, and so I knew I had to get the secret out there otherwise it was going to come at the most inopportune time at a bachelorette party when I obviously wasn't drinking.  So, this past weekend I told 3 different girlfriends at lunches/breakfasts.  It was great!!!  I'm beginning to make phone calls on the way home from work each day as well and tell people close to us who live far away.  I think if we continue this way, then by the time the first trimester is done, everyone will know.  So maybe we like to "spill the beans" earlier than we should, but hey - it's our baby/our decision, right? :)

I feel like my body is changing like crazy, but it might just be in my head.  I got on the scale this morning and I still weigh the same.  I don't know how I feel I look different with zero pounds added, but that's how it seems!!

The main question of the week has been "What about Crossfit?!"  I think that people hear Crossfit and think that I'm continuing to work really hard and die of sweat, and blood, and tears by the end.... well, I'm pregnant, so that's not the case AT ALL. But yes, I'm still doing Crossfit!!  Here's how it works. 

I can't get my heart rate up.

I can't get out of breath.

I can't lift very much weight.

I can't go very fast.

BUT - here's what I CAN do:

- go through the motions, lift some weight, keep my body moving, see great friends, have a chat or two along the way, workout next to my husband - which is awesome, drink lots of water, and STILL be sore the next day.

At first I was very unmotivated.   I thought "you mean I can't do anything?, what's the fun in that?"  but then I realized that at least I'm doing something, and I feel great every time I leave "the Cave". 

Even more fun is that Crossfit Caveman just switched to Advanced, Intermediate, Scaled (within the same class), so for the most part I just choose the scaled one and go from there.
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