Thursday, March 1, 2012

Master Bath Complete!

Remember the before pictures of the bathroom...
Notice the:
  • gold cabinets
  • ugly light fixtures
  • horrible wallpaper
  • gold towel rods, etc.
  • unframed mirror
Remember here is where we painted the bathroom cabinets from gold to white.

We got rid of the wallpaper, and taped off the walls.  (You'll see the painted walls in the end picture)

We got rid of the terrible light fixtures above the sink and this one above the tub...

and added these pretty can lights.  My husband is can light king!!  If you have access to the space above your ceiling then you can put in can lights!  Needless to say, we have put can lights in the game room in the space above the stairwell and in our master bath all because of the attic space above it.  Unfortunatlely, I would LOVE to do this in the main room downstairs but cannot because of the 2nd story.. so our top floor is lit well and the bottom floor...well, isn't.

And we framed the bathroom mirror. The tutorial on how to do that is here.

So.. the final product of paint, new hardware, framed mirror, painted cabinets and new lighting?!?!

Don't forget the  BEFORE:

Here's the AFTER!

We're very pleased with the end result.  I feel like it's a whole new house :)
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  1. Very nice outstanding job also did this in my house too.