Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spanish Review Game

I don't know about any other teachers out there but when other students are on Spring Break and your students are in class, it's always a time to make sure that "spring fever" doesn't hit.  So I started thinking of how I could review students for a test that would make them enjoy it and not be so bored while studying for Spanish.  Well, I found a way!

This game isn't very loud, doesn't take much space, and gets the kids moving and speaking Spanish!!

I used this bean bag toss that we received in a White Elephant Gift exchange at Christmas time (so it was free to me!).  For some students I used the subject pronouns one and for others I used the Spanish I vocab words.

The subject pronoun one (on the right) was perfect for:
  • Spanish I - stem changing verbs (poder and dormir)
  • Spanish II - preterite stem changing verbs

 The chores one (on the left) was perfect for:
  • Spanish I - affirmative commands (Lava el coche!)
  • Spanish I - present progressive (Estoy lavando el coche.)
  • Spanish II - present perfect (He lavado el coche.)
  • Spanish III - future tense (Lavaré el coche.)
  • Spanish III - future perfect (Habré lavado el coche.)
I used the little cube with hand written subject pronouns in it to help make a sentence for the chores side.

You could easily make this for any subject and out of plywood or something if you don't have this specific game.

Here were the rules:

Miss the board - 0 points
Hit the board - 1 point
Make the hole - 3 points

If the student missed the board I asked them to make a different sentence or some other review question.  They had so much fun! If they hit the board, then they had to correctly conjugate the word in a sentence.  If they made the bean bag into the hole, they just got the points!

Of course, try to make as much of it in the target language as possible!

In the end, instead of giving out candy to sugar them up, I gave out these Spanish pencils.  High schoolers are just happy to play a game!
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