Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Remembering the Engagement Party

Since we got engaged 2 years ago this week, I thought I'd remember our engagement party!  Dave's family has a beautiful ranch.  We dreamed of getting married on it, but timing didn't work out with job schedules.. so, we had a big engagement party intead!

The theme was a country outdoor theme.  How cute is this "trolley" to come in to the party?!  Anyone could use the same ideas for a wedding.

We had all of our friends drink lots of beer, quite a problem right?! :) and then took scrapbook paper and covered the bottles and cartons with the paper.  It turned out so well!  A big thanks to my mother-in-law for all of that!  We put them on checkered tablecloths, with bandanas.  Then added some pictures of us around the room.  These became perfect centerpieces!

Did you know that you can borrow, yes borrow cowboy boots from Cavenders?  I looked everywhere for cheap cowboy boots (at thrift stores, walmart, etc) .. they don't exist!  Then I called Cavenders and heard that they have "mismatched" boots.  You leave your credit card with them and can borrow the boots for a few days.  When you give them back, there is absolutely no charge.  Amazing!!!!!!

The location was perfect.  It started with a wine tasting.  It doesn't hurt to have family wine right?! And hey - people like it!  It's actually award winning.. check that out here.  It's the My Three Sons wine.

People then went on a hayride, I'm terrified of the buffalo.  I can't understand why these people don't seem scared?! 

It was then time for some dinner and dancing.  How cute is the chalkboard?  There are ways to save money on these things.  Instead of catering the meat, we bought the meat and had friends cook it.  We then just catered the sides.  It's amazing how much more fun that is too! 
After dinner, dancing and smores.  My father-in-law made this fire pit out of an old barrel.  I think it just added to how fun everything was!!
At the end of the day, I still don't know who I think is cuter... our ring-bearer?
or my husband?
All in all, a great time with friends and family!
And definitely beautiful scenery too..
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