Thursday, December 27, 2012

23 weeks - grapefruit

23 weeks - grapefruit!

Baby Ball is moving!! It's been so fun to feel him and be surrounded by family who get to feel him too!

This week was Christmas day so I couldn't go to the grocery store for the fruit, that's okay though.  We got a bear and 3 generations (4 in belly) to hold the letters. Me, my mom's mom, my mom, Dave's mom, my dad's mom.  Not the best pic in the woods and snow, but it works!

We also announced the name! Baby Ball will be named after his two grandfathers, Dave's dad and my dad, James Charles Ball. Doesn't sound like a baby name, but more like a CEO right??

I have no clue how much weight has been gains this past week, it's been filled with lots of yummy food and ice which means zero working out for the preggo.  At least we got a white Christmas!!

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