Tuesday, December 18, 2012

22 Weeks - Papaya

Baby Ball is the size of a Papaya this week!

He's growing and starting to finally move, which is so fun!! At our ultrasound today his little feet were above his head, how cute?!  I still am surprised each time I feel him move.  I'm up 15 pounds and that's one pound a week which is great!

On good news, my placenta is back where it should be, so we're good to go!! Yay!!!!!

This past week was busy, I was overwhelmed with the generosity of students and we went to Peter Pan as a gift from a student.  It was so nice to have a date night!! And Cathy Rigby was incredible!!

This past weekend we had a Christmas party filled with yummy food and good people, I love this season!  It's so fun to of course remember the reason for the season, and to spend great time with the people we love! 

We also celebrated an early Christmas together filled with all kinds of good maternity stuff.... lululemon and Toms, my favorite!! And for Dave he got his band saw, I had no idea how many fun things he can make with that!! On a side note about maternity.. Old Navy has the best sale section!!! (along with Target, where I got the cute dress from above!!)  Any other good stores I'm missing out on?  Afterall, Forever 21 and JC Penny got rid of their maternity section :(

How cute is little Callie?   I call her the 3rd child.. no pictures.. no stories...  poor 3rd dog.   She had this awful allergic reaction and the medicine made her depressed, hopefully she'll feel better soon!

And.. as far as house stuff goes, Dave built the beautiful buffet and I finally got a mirror for above it!  I LOVE it!!!!!!

Sorry for all the rambles!!  Pregnant brain?!
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  1. Love that picture of us! Can you send it to me?