Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Stuff!

Just thought I would share all the free stuff I've received this week
  • 12 Keurig coffees
  • Thank you card (from Cardstore I believe)
  • a couple different cards that I didn't share in the picture because I'll be sending them out!
  • Shape magazine (not pictured)
  • glass cleaner
  • de-greaser
  • towels to go with each
  • drink mixes (fiber and stress)
  • full big bottle of Olay moisturzier, not just the sample size
This has not been through "coupons".  All of this has been sent to my door, it's such a surprise each day to see what comes in the mail!  I use http://www.hip2save.com/ She blogs about different samples going on and each of these companies just want you to try their stuff!  Do you think this will clog up your mail with tons of junk?  Well, I changed from my maiden name to married name and have gotten no junk mail to my married name, so it's not spamming up my mail box either.  Just getting free stuff!  It's awesome! 

Keeping all of the samples organized is tough, so I'll show you that next :)
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