Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23 - Postpartum CrossFit, James - 3 1/2 months

August 23, 2013

We've had a busy last couple weeks!  Dave came home from his 2 weeks of National Guard training - yay!  The poor guy lost 11 pounds while away, he was busy!!! All while James and I had been home relaxing and going to the pool and hanging out with friends.

I've been training for a half marathon now and a coaches competition for CrossFit.  I'm SORE all the time now, but it's good for me!

I talked a lot about CrossFit during pregnancy, and now postpartum is good.  Some things are easy and some things are very difficult!

Difficult - all the things I didn't do while pregnant:

  • squats at full depth
  • burpees
  • pullups
  • situps

Easy - well, not easy, but getting better

  • running is actually going well
  • overhead presses are getting better
It's all fun though, I'm definitely enjoying getting back into it!!

Goals for the next couple months:
  • use smaller bands for strict pullups, get a kipping pullup
  • use 14# med ball
  • use 15# slam ball
  • use 35# kettlebell
Now for the cute pictures of James :)  I could post a million every day..

He LOVES books, loves those pictures!

Naked chubby babies are the cutest!!

Mizzou onesie for Uncle Jason and Aunt Erin!

We're trying this thing out, he's learning it...

Thanks, Sarah, for the cute mustache pacifier - little old man :)

He's such a thumb sucker!

Everyone is learning how to play together.

We keep trying the pool, but by the time we get out of the house it's nap time again!

He loves the rattles on his bouncy seat.  And do you like his "daddy proof shirt"?  Thanks, grandma!

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