Tuesday, February 12, 2013

30 Weeks - Cucumber

30 weeks - 3/4 of the way there, yay!!  Cucumber!

This weekend we had 2 birthdays and a wedding shower and I got a couple of GREAT workouts in but I still got bored on Sunday.  So I started on the nursery even more..

I'm really hoping our Thank You cards come in the mail this week, remember these from our wedding??

I think this year's for the baby shower are even cuter....

Right now I think I've gained 22 pounds which is the same as last week.  Maybe I'm up to 23 now, not sure.  This week we have another doc appointment and we're interviewing pediatricians.  We'll also hopefully get into the hospital for a visit/class!

I'm still feeling good, working out and all, but... I have heartburn!  It always comes after eating too much or I think after eating one of my favorites - hot pickled okra.  We'll see what the actual culprit is.

Since not too much is going on here's a list of my pregnancy must haves.  These are the things I can't live without:

Good flats!  Although I did wear heels for a friend's birthday the other night.  I've spent the last 6 months in flats.  Remember the leg cramps in the middle night?! Not worth it!!  Therefore, I've needed some super cute ones!  Here are my favorites of right now:

Tory Burch Reva Red flats (luckily we have a Tory Burch outlet in Houston!)

Sperry Annabelle Leopard - they go with EVERYTHING!

Toms - perfect to run around in

Hot pickled okra, although I think it's causing heartburn :(

Almonds - perfect to snack on

Tervis Water bottle to stay hydrated.  It keeps the ice from melting and doesn't spill since I'm so clumsy.

Target and Old Navy Clearance racks for all my maternity clothes

Lululemon Astro pants

Lululemon Studio pants - I LOVE THEM

Crossfit, I swear that's why I still feel SOO good

Dave - nothing beats a supportive husband

What to Expect When You're Expecting - I swear this book is a life saver!

half and half coffee - I watch my caffeine intake and get to drink my coffee :)

cocoa butter - no stretch marks so far!

Does anybody else have some must haves that I'm missing?!

And guess what showed up today?! Dave's Camaro!!!

That's one happy husband!!
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