Tuesday, November 27, 2012

19 weeks - mango - gender reveal - new staircase - Thanksgiving

19 weeks - Baby BOY Ball is a mango!

Wow, what a week it has been!! 

To start with, we had our 18 week appointment on Wednesday and they tell you to go in with a full bladder and it will be a 50 minute appointment.  Do they know me?!!?  I started to literally go crazy and I thought I wasn't going to make the appointment because I couldn't take it any longer, worst experience ever!!!!

But.... then, we got to see the perfect little baby and it made it all worth it!  We got our envelope with either boy or girl and went to the bakery.  The bakery then filled the cupcakes with either pink or blue and we were back home by noon.  Dave and I both had to keep so much self control because we REALLY wanted to peek. 

We went and got my parents that night and went to dinner and by the time we were home from dinner we couldn't wait any longer.  Dad took pictures while we bit into BLUE cupcakes!!  I secretly wanted a boy and had thought it was a boy for most of the time, and we're thrilled!!

On Thursday my grandma and aunt came in and we let them bite into their cupcakes where they saw blue as well, lots of fun.

Thanksgiving was great, we started with an awesome workout at Crossfit then came home and cooked and had family and friends around, it was perfect!

On Friday we got to shop and find great deals and my dad and Dave worked on a project.  This is SOOO worth $200. 

Before it had white spindles..

and after, the new iron staircase!! LOVE it!!!

Before & After - $200 at Home Depot!

Grandma got a project of making baby blue cookies for the students at school too.  Now everyone knows that Baby Ball is a BOY!!

Saturday night we also went to the A&M game, when they played Missouri.  My husband went to Texas A&M, my sister and brother in law went to University of Missouri.. but A&M beat Missouri.  We all had fun.

Such an exciting week, not sure how to top that one :)

OH, and how cute are Buddy and Callie?

At Crossfit, where I talked about it here, I've changed back to deadlifts, but now doing them with a Kettlebell instead (45#)

First Trimester:
  • I felt very weak and tired (no sickness) just pure exhaustion.  So I lowered the weight/intensity on everything.
  • Continued to do all movements though.
  • Took breaks to keep heart rate from getting too high.
Second Trimester (so far) at 19 weeks:
  • Took breaks to keep heart rate from getting too high. Made sure I can talk during the WOD
  • don't squat below 90 degrees (takes a lot to get used to)
  • burpees - still do them, just much more controlled
  • box jumps - do step ups instead
  • broad jumps - I will sub those out, they're probably "too jumpy"
  • Deadlifts - kettlebell (45#)
  • double unders - my double unders are UGLY, and my doctor said not to do anything "too jumpy" so I've done singles instead because they're more controlled and efficient
  • farmer carry - less weight or whatever is comfortable
  • front squat - without being able to squat below 90 my form is awful on the front squat, so I've used a Kettlebell (goblet squat) and just don't squat the whole way
  • goblet squats - do them, just not full depth
  • handstand pushups - Can't do anything upside down (and I hate it/can't do them anyway), so I do seated dumbell push press
  • KettleBell Swings - I had been doing 35 pounds, now I do 25 pounds.
  • Lunges - still feel good, but I've heard these will get difficult
  • overhead squats - attempt with less weight and not full depth
  • power clean - do from hang position
  • prowler push - I don't do this anymore, there's no way to keep your heart rate down during that
  • Pullups - I could do a few kipping pullups pre-pregnancy, I then moved to purple band, then red band, and now I'm at blue band. 
  • push press/shoulder press - still do, just less weight (about 75%) - which is 35/45 pounds rather than 55.. like I said, skinny weak girl to start :)
  • pushups - still comfortable for me, recently switched to knees
  • ring dips - maintained current band
  • row - still do, just not for time
  • run - still do, just no sprinting
  • situps - the scale is knees to elbows, but I hate those so I'm doing russian twists
  • slam ball - still do full depth, just slower and only 10 pounds
  • snatches - attempt with less weight, hang position
  • sumo deadlift high pull - use kettlebell and don't go full depth
  • supermans - I do them on the GHD (and I actually do about 20 at the end of each class to strengthen my back)
  • toes to bar - still attempting to do them, I can do a few in a row
  • wall balls - still do, just not full squat
  • wall climbs - nothing inverted (and let's be honest.. I hate being upside down), so I've done what looks like a backward inchworm
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