Wednesday, November 21, 2012

18 Weeks - Sweet Potato - Nursery Painted!

Baby Ball is the size of a sweet potato, and what perfect timing since it's Thanksgiving week!! 

I've been waiting for the 18 week appointment for the whole pregnancy and it comes tomorrow!! Yay, can't wait!  It's an exciting and nervous one all at the same time!

Dave was gone again this weekend and we have family coming into town so I had to get the nursery prepped with or without him so that somebody could stay in there over the holiday. 

So I finished painting the trim and wainscoting. (our house is from the 80s so the trim has this horrible pinkish tint).  You can tell, because the door is still pink..

Then picked out this gray color.  It's called Sparrow from Behr at Home Depot. I like coventry gray from Benjamin Moore but couldn't justify spending $50 on a gallon of paint versus $27 and Home Depot.  It has a little bit of a blue tint, which does NOT mean I'm voting for a boy, pink would look cute with it too!

Normally, Dave does all the rolling and I cut in, well, this weekend I got to do it all. I think it came out pretty well!

I then finished by painting the pink door and there you have it, the nursery!

Now.. what will the accent color be?!?! Gender reveal tomorrow on Thanksgiving, yay!!

We'll eat these cupcakes to see if they're filled with pink or blue?! and how cute is Baby Ball?

I'm still feeling great!  Crossfit hasn't changed much this week, still can do the same things as last week.  I've gained about 10 pounds total which is on the upper end of where I should be, but that's okay! 

Such an exciting week!!
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