Tuesday, July 23, 2013

James is 12 weeks!!

James laughing at Dave 

Tummy time - trying to fix that flat head!

James and me

11 weeks and 1 week

Dave, buddy, James 

More tummy time during kids camp!

James is 12 weeks, yay!!  About 6 weeks ago when James was crying CONSTANTLY everyone kept saying, just make it to the 12 week point, your whole life will change.  Then Dave and I started counting down until the "magical 12 weeks".  I remember thinking 6 more weeks of this??  Well, then we put him on the every 3 hour feeding E.A.S.Y. schedule, where he ate and then was awake, then slept.  We realized very quickly that our poor little guy had just been exhausted.  He now gets his sleep and is the perfect little boy.  We feel so bad having ever wanted to count down until this point, but newborns are hard work!!

James now sleeps 12 hours every night!! 7:30pm until 7:30am when I wake him up!!

Ever since he's been on a schedule, he's either sleeping, eating, or smiling.  It's amazing.  He is such a happy kid!! Time is flying by and I wish it would slow down a bit!!

In other amazing news, my sister and her husband are pregnant! Yay to being an aunt again, yay to having cousins that will all be close in age, amazing.

Funny story from the week - things change after being a mom, like last week when I was in a cute sun dress out to dinner with friends and Dave, when I looked down and realized my son had pooped, yes pooped, all over my dress.  I then had to walk to the bathroom (on the other side of the restaurant) with him covered in poop and me covered in poop, and I really didn't care that much.  Things change.

I'm starting to train for a half marathon and so I was up running at 6am (I don't work and it's summer), and I was up at  6am running so that I could get it in before James woke up and he didn't have to be out in the heat.

Things change, but it's all for the better!!

Last weekend I had a girls day, and so Dave was home with James.. here are the pictures I got while I was gone.  Too funny.  For  all of you that think Dave is a shy guy.. boy are you wrong.  He keeps us laughing all day at home.

Which is your favorite? baby can't handle his liquor?  baby playing with power tools?  baby playing with matches? electricity?  throwing knives?  or playing in the dryer?! ahh!!

Last week I ran a Kids Summer Camp, 30 kids between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, it was so fun, stressful yes, but so amazing to watch kids have a whole week of exercising and being healthy.  On Friday we provided lunch of vegetables, fruit, and grilled chicken.  It was so refreshing to watch them all eat the healthy food and ENJOY it!! Woohoo!!  Check out the pics - CrossFit Caveman Kids - on Facebook!

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