Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6 weeks old - first babysitter

James is 6 weeks old today!  We had a big first this weekend, a babysitter.  We've left James with my mother-in-law for a quick date night but I've never left James with anyone that wasn't family.  Luckily, at CrossFit there is THE SWEETEST high school girl who is super responsible and she came and stayed with James while I went to a friend's birthday dinner.  It was so good to see friends but I was so nervous on the way there.  Well, Molly did amazing, and she'll be coming back soon!  but.. it made me realize just how much responsibility I had while babysitting, that these parents left me with their life.  I don't think it's something anyone can understand until they walk out the door with someone else with their child.

At 6 weeks, I also feel very blessed to be staying home, I can't imagine leaving James with someone all day every day!

Carrie Jo, Krissie, and me at Krissie's birthday dinner.
My mother-in-law gave us a shark robe, how cute?!
He's getting more expressions!  No smiles yet, but starting to do this!

Baby pajamas are just the cutest!!

Dave was gone this weekend for his "one weekend a month"/"playing army".  We just had to get the two boys in camo!

This is what I've been doing in my "free time", studying for the CrossFit Level 1 Certification.  I'm a nerd and am actually kind of enjoying learning and studying.

Okay.. so, I can fit into pre-pregnancy jeans, but not the jeans I had right before I got pregnant.   I was in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant, I don't know if I'll ever fit in those jeans again!! I can fit in the jeans from before Dave and I even started dating, so 5+ years ago!  After wearing them I realized they're very outdated.  So I went shopping, and bought these jeans above. Cute right?  Well, now I know where mom jeans come from..  You wear stretchy high waisted jeans for at least half your pregnancy and then you wear these low rise jeans and they feel soooooo low rise.  I think that's when moms end up with more high waisted jeans.. just a thought?

the shark again :) baby acne is gone! and look at those eyes, melt your heart.
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