Wednesday, June 5, 2013

5 weeks - no more colic!!

James is 5 weeks! And he's GROWING!!!!  He's 11.5 pounds and I had to put him in 3-6 month clothes this morning because he's SO long!!

The last week has been a fun one.  We put him on reflux meds, I'm still eating no dairy and no eggs, and I put him on a sleeping schedule.  I'm doing the E.A.S.Y. schedule from the "baby whisperer".  Eat, Active, Sleep, You time.. and it's worked!!  I'm wondering if all of his cranky was just that he was very tired.  He goes to sleep in his crib with no pacifier and goes to sleep within 5-10 minutes.  I know "they say" you shouldn't start a schedule until "they're 3 months old" but James loves it...and Dave and I do too.  He's like a whole new baby.  I just talked to the doctor and I'm going to reintroduce eggs this week and see how he does!
Dave and James at Crossfit - post workout

Dave and James at a "gender reveal party" in Austin.  The Cross's from just found out they're having a 3rd BOY!
Day 3 on the left - 5 weeks on the right.. the righthand picture is also where James was awake for an entire dinner out and didn't fuss once!! Yeah!!!!
There's an app for everything now...and I use iBabyLog for feeding only.. check out how long James slept last night!!! 8 AND A HALF HOURS!!!!!!!!!

James in his 3-6 month clothes today, he's so tall!!
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