Sunday, May 19, 2013

41 Weeks - Delivery Day/Birth Story!

So I'm going to try to backtrack and see if I remember everything...

The 41st week my parents came down because we knew that I'd be induced that Tuesday, it was perfect, my mom kept me company and my dad kept Dave company while we tried to pass the time.  It was pretty disappointing when my dad flew back Sunday night and there was still no baby!!

Monday night, the night before the induction, I went to Crossfit, I'm still very proud of that!!

So here's the labor story: Tuesday morning we woke up at 5am to call the hospital to get an induction time.  They told me to call back at 8am or they might call by 7am and I would probably get in that day.  I went back to bed and couldn't sleep, I was 41 weeks and they said probably get in?!?  At 6:40am I felt something odd, then 3 minutes later I felt it again and then again, I told Dave I thought I was in labor and went in to tell my mom too.  My mom had no doubts about it when I hit the floor in a squat during what I now know was a contraction.  So, I ran through the shower, try washing your hair during contractions, and then we were packing the car and headed to the hospital.  By now, it was of course 7:30am in rush hour!

When I "thought" I was in labor we took these pictures... yes, that's a contraction in the middle of it!  I'm laughing because I'm trying to hide from the camera while Dave follows me, that's what husband's do, help you laugh through labor.

So embarassing but too funny not to share.

We walked into the hospital, and they made us check in, because they didn't realize I was there for labor.. until I was squatting on the floor again, and then squatting in the elevator, and then squatting in the hall walking toward the maternity ward.  I guess I'm stubborn and wouldn't take a wheelchair.

We walked up to a nurse who said her name, and the name rang a bell, we realized we shared a mutual very good friend, I'm not going to lie, you don't want to know that one of your good friend's good friends is going be with you the entire time you're in LABOR.  BUT.. she was awesome, and I can't say enough good things about her.

She made what should have been a very scary delivery into a breeze.

From start to finish I was in labor 7 hours and pushed 20 minutes.  Thanks to.. Crossfit, my awesome husband, and that great nurse.

So, here's how it went.  I walked in (and had a contraction), she hooked me up to the monitor and each time I had a contraction you could hear the baby's heartbeat drop, a lot, so she asked if I wanted an epidural, and of course said yes.  She said that he probably had cord compression (meaning his umbilical cord was wrapped), and there was a possibility of c-section.  After probably an hour of contractions, which were in my back because he was also faced the wrong way, that are NOT fun, I yelled "where's that doctor??" and then apologized, and then we got the epidural.  After that, it's a breeze.  I laid there while I had contractions, my mom (who I swore would NOT be in the delivery room) was invited in by me because we were just passing the time.  At about 1:30pm the nurse told me I needed to push and we didn't have an hour to push, because his umbilical cord was wrapped.  She said it's like being dunked in water, you can do it a few times but after awhile you give up.  It was scary to hear, but I didn't want a c-section, and wanted to see that cute baby so, I just did it.

I say it a lot, but because we are always working out together, we know how to coach each other.  Dave was a tremendous help and actually his abs were sore the next day from "pushing" with me.  He was incredible.  So at 1:30pm I started pushing and by 1:52pm we had a beautiful baby boy.

That's the whole story, labor was easy, and yes - only a few weeks later I can say I would absolutely do it again.
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