Tuesday, March 26, 2013

36 Weeks - Honeydew

36 weeks Honeydew
This is my FAVORITE workout tank/clothing for pregnancy.  It's the Lululemon No Limits Tank - I LOVE IT!!!

Wow, it's the start of the 9th month!

I'm definitely feeling pregnant!  Still working out, still going to all events, but I'm definitely more tired at night now.

Went to the doctor today and I'm 1cm dilated and 50% effaced, so any guesses on when he'll come??

Remember the baby shower when everyone guessed?  I wonder who is right??

This past weekend was lazy/productive.  We got lots of relaxing time and lots of stuff done, again!  The nursery doors have been painted the same color as the wainscoting, and they're hung!

I got the carseat installed.  We went with a Chicco Keyfit30, I hear great things about it!

At our Crawfish boil baby shower our good friend Laura told me that the month of your birthday you get 50% off one item at Kendra Scott.  Our friend Heather gave me a Kendra Scott gift card and said if you're getting 50% off you should definitely get one of the bigger pieces, so.. I went shopping.

How  cute are those?!?

Maybe I should do a Crossfit update of what's changed in the past month.

  • Took breaks to keep heart rate from getting too high. Made sure I can talk during the WOD
  • don't squat below 90 degrees (takes a lot to get used to)
  • burpees - pregnant burpees, wall push up and squat = 1 burpee
  • box jumps - do step ups instead
  • broad jumps - I will sub those out, they're probably "too jumpy"
  • Deadlifts - use KettleBell (35#)
  • double unders - my double unders are UGLY, and my doctor said not to do anything "too jumpy" so I've done singles instead because they're more controlled and efficient
  • farmer carry - less weight or whatever is comfortable
  • front squat - without being able to squat below 90 my form is awful on the front squat, so I've used a Kettlebell (goblet squat) and just don't squat the whole way or take the bar off the rack so I don' thave to clean the bar.
  • goblet squats - do them, just not full depth
  • handstand pushups - Can't do anything upside down (and I hate it/can't do them anyway), so I do seated dumbell push press
  • KettleBell Swings - I had been doing 35 pounds, now I do 15 or 20 pounds.
  • Lunges - oh goodness, these suck.., I'm still doing weighted ones ,etc but they're tough!! Not anymore, I'm now holding onto something so I don' t fall over do lunges.
  • overhead squats - use a very light bar or PVC
  • power clean - do from hang position using dumbells to get around the belly
  • prowler push - I don't do this anymore, there's no way to keep your heart rate down during that
  • Pullups - I could do a few kipping pullups pre-pregnancy, I then moved to purple band, then red band, and now I'm at blue band.  (I'm now at ring rows, the band on my belly is weird)
  • push press/shoulder press - still do, just less weight (about 75%) - which is 35/45 pounds rather than 55.. like I said, skinny weak girl to start :)
  • pushups - wall pushups
  • ring dips - maintained current band (red band)
  • row - still do, just not for time
  • run - I'm only rowing now or walking
  • situps - the scale is knees to elbows, but I hate those so I'm doing russian twists (I've now moved from a 10lb slam ball to a 4 pounder..) Note to self: do situps or knees to elbows because russian twists ARE NOT working your abs.. I've learned the hard way.
  • slam ball - air squats or slam balls with a big med ball
  • snatches - doing one armed kb snatch
  • sumo deadlift high pull - use kettlebell and don't go full depth
  • supermans - don't do these anymore
  • toes to bar - I attempt knee ups
  • wall balls - still do, just not full squat
  • wall climbs - nothing inverted (and let's be honest.. I hate being upside down), I did 2 pushups and a 10 second plank hold, if back starts hurting then wall pushups and 10 second hanging knee raise

    Here's the pregnancy survey.
    How Far Along: 36 weeks! 9th month
    Size of the Baby: honeydew, probably 6 pounds
    Maternity Clothes:  Ummm.. YES!
    Stretch marks: None so far - I've been using Shea butter and BioOil
    Weight gain/loss: 30 pounds, which is 2 pounds up from last week, but I had no pounds the week before so I'm still one pound average every week for the whole pregnancy!!
    Sleep: I've started not sleeping and I'm up at least 3 times a night.
    Best Moment of the Week: Last night I was putting something away in the filing cabinet and I saw the 18 week ultrasound picture.  I almost started crying.  Sometimes I get frustrated because this little boy is CONSTANTLY moving, but when I saw that cute face I couldn't help but smile/want to cry.
    Movement:  Like I said, he's constantly moving.
    Symptoms: I'm 9 months pregnant.. I have achy hips, heartburn, and a full bladder all the time. 
    Food Cravings: none really, maybe after 9 months everything I'm eating just seems normal now?
    Gender: BOY!
    Belly Button in or out: out, it's been out since I swear I gained 2 pounds.
    Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, but heartburn/indigestion
    Labor Signs: achy hips, Braxton Hicks I go to the doctor today, we'll see what she says!
    Wedding ring on or off: It's still on, yay!
    What I miss: being able to get off the couch easily.
    What I am looking forward to: doctors appointment today, meeting him!!
    Nursery: It's 95 % done!!
    Emotions: happy and excited, starting to get anxious!
    Stupid things I have done: Nothing recently, pretty impressive for me :)
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