Tuesday, March 12, 2013

34 Weeks - Butternut Squash

I can't believe there are only 6 weeks left!
I feel large, but still gaining a pound a week! Yay!

Wow, what a week!

I had Winter Break last week so it was very relaxing but also busy!! 

Dave and I went to the Rodeo and saw Dierks Bentley. 

The dresser is painted, has the new drawer pulls on it, and is upstairs in the nursery!




On Friday my mom, dad, aunt, and uncle came into town.  My aunt and uncle went to crossfit with us, it's always fun working out with family!

We went and saw Tim McGraw on Friday night at the rodeo and did all the fun rodeo things, saw the livestock, watched the rodeo, had funnel cakes, and watched Mutton Bustin' I SOOO want our son to do it.  They're adorable!!
mom, me, Aunt Laura

Headed in to the rodeo.  Dad, me, Dave, mom, Uncle Dave
Dave, Uncle Dave, dad

enjoying wine, dinner and funnel cakes before the rodeo

Tim McGraw

Saturday we had another shower.  The hosts did a great job, and everyone had fun at the Crawfish boil!  I didn't want a baby baby shower, so they did a great job of not having that!!  Although I had loved the last shower that was all about baby!

All the cute decorations
the boys playing in the Crawfish

Shawn and Shawn working hard!

With our cute cake!

Dave and me eating the icing crawfish

Dad and me

us girls!

 Dave and me with all the generous gifts.

Some of the Crossfit crew! and friends from Austin too.

Sunday we went on the Azalea trail, they were so pretty!!
And yesterday I ordered my stroller I CAN'T wait to get it!! 

I've only heard amazing things about the BOB stroller and how fun is it in orange?
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