Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hashbrown Corn Flake Casserole

Since Dave and I don't live by family, I really wanted to have our own Easter dinner here.  There are certain things that mom or grandma made that I think of when I think of family dinners.  Hashbrown Corn Flake Casserole is definitely one of them.

I made a smaller one (8x8) because it was just Dave and me.

You need:
1 c. sour cream
1 c. cheddar
cream of chicken soup
frozen hashbrowns
corn flakes

If you think of it, thaw the hashbrowns.  For a 9x13 use a full pound, but for the 8x8 I used half a pound of hashbrowns.Then, preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a bowl put half can of cream of mushroom (for 9x13 use full can)

Mix in 1 cup sour cream. (for 9x13 use 1.5 or 2 cups sour cream)

Mix in 1 cup shredded cheddar (for 9x13 use 1.5 or 2 cups cheddar).  And salt and pepper.

Add the hashbrowns (half pound for 8x8, full pound for 9x13)

Put in pan.

Sprinkle with some shredded cheddar.

Melt 3T. butter and add to 1 cup of corn flakes.  (2 cups for 9x13)   Put them over the top of potato/cheese mixture.

Bake at 350 degrees uncovered for 40-45 minutes until golden brown and bubbly.


And, did you see our newest edition??
We've had Buddy..

And now "Beethoven"!

We think he's a great pyrenees, cattle dog mix.  Sheep dog jumped fence to cattle dog?  I think it works..
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