Saturday, April 13, 2013

38 Weeks - Pumpkin

38 Weeks - Pumpkin (this was supposed to be posted on Tuesday - oops!!)

I feel like a pumpkin, I feel round and HUGE.  I know I said that last week, but

It's 2 weeks until my due date and my doctor says that I'm not going past it, so
I'll probably have him this week or next.  Hmm.. we could have a baby this
week?!  That's crazy!!

Yesterday at the doc appt I was 2cm dilated and 70% effaced.  That's progress!
 Today I was a little bit nauseous which is a sign of labor, but that's probably
just in my head.  My Braxton Hicks are about 10-15 minutes apart and she said if
they get to every 5-7 minutes then I need to come in..sooo, we'll see!!  Knowing
my luck, I'll probably still be saying all of this in 3 weeks.

My last day of work is Thursday and that's very bittersweet. I'm SO excited to
have a baby, but very sad to be leaving work.  I want to stay home with baby but
not teaching will be a huge adjustment.

This last week Dave finished the bookshelf, it looks so good!

We have dinners every night this week with different people as last dinner
before baby.  We also had a date night last night before baby.  I had sushi,
can't wait until it's not imitation crab anymore!

(I feel enormous!! but.. that dress is pre-pregnancy!! woohoo!)
Also, one of my very best friends, Emily, and I have gone crazy and we've
decided to run a marathon, not a half marathon, but a FULL MARATHON in a year.
 That will give me the time to recover from delivery, do couch to 5k so I can
run 3 miles (I hope it doesn't take that long, but we'll see), then train for a
half marathon in the fall, and... a FULL marathon in April.  We're thinking of
doing it close to our home town so that family and friends can cheer us on.  I
guarantee this will be checked off the bucket list only ONCE.  So I better make
it count.

We ran the Disney half a year ago and it was so fun!  We have a goal of a half
marathon a year so we can see each other when we live on opposite sides of the
country and to keep our butt's in shape!  I hope little James is ready for some
time outside in that stroller!!

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