Tuesday, January 15, 2013

26 Weeks - Lettuce

He's the size of lettuce.  Once again, I think lettuce is smaller than canteloupe from a couple weeks ago, so I don't understand TheBump's fetus size chart, but that's okay! It's still a cute idea :)

(I'm sick, and I look sick.)

This week has been BORING!!  I'm sick, being sick is no fun, and being pregnant and sick is no fun.  I think I've officially taken every nap to be taken, watched everything on tv, pinned anything anyone can imagine, and stalked everyone on facebook.  There's nothing else to do.  I'm soo ready to feel better!

So.. since nothing exciting is going on, I'll take the time to do the pregnancy survey that everyone puts on their blog!

How Far Along: 26 weeks, 2nd trimester
Size of the Baby: lettuce?
Maternity Clothes:  Yes! and I love them! I don't understand the people who dislike maternity clothes.  Just buying a large in regular clothes isn't the same!  These clothes are meant to fit you!!
Stretch marks: None!
Weight gain/loss: 18 pounds, which is one pound up from last week, I hope this trend keeps going!!
Sleep: I'm still sleeping, yay!  No complaints yet!
Best Moment of the Week: Dave came back into town and Baby Boy was moving like crazy and we were just watching him.  Buddy laid his head down on my belly and I swear little guy was kicking him off. Dave and I couldn't stop laughing!  (and I wanted to cry it was so cute.)
Movement:  He's really moving!!
Symptoms: I thought on Friday and Saturday that I was starting to get heartburn (first time in my life..), my throat hurt really bad, and there was an acidic feeling at the back of  my throat.. but now that I'm sick, I'm hoping that it was just me getting sick because heartburn was an awful feeling! I now understand when I hear people complain about it!
Food Cravings: fruit still - strawberries to be exact, pickled okra, cereal with milk
Gender: BOY!
Belly Button in or out: out, it's been out since I swear I gained 2 pounds.
Anything making you queasy or sick: No, but I'm a little concerned that the heartburn feeling was after I ate a creamy pasta.  Let's hope not!
Labor Signs: Nope!
Wedding ring on or off: It's still on, yay!
What I miss: sushi with sake
What I am looking forward to: looking forward to the showers over the next couple weeks filled with friends and family and I really can't wait to meet him.  Every time he's kicking, I just want to hold him!
Nursery: It's a mess right now.  Hopefully soon we'll get some furniture in there and start getting it organized!!
Emotions: I think they're good, my husband says they're good, but maybe he's just saying that :)
Stupid things I have done: Um... I got all the way to work last week... and then my husband called.  He couldn't get to work because I had both sets of truck keys in my purse, oops!  That was the first real "pregnant brain" thing I have done.  I was just trying to clean off the kitchen counters!!

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